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Tr𝚎zor Wàllet: The safe place for your coins

Tr𝚎zor is a popular hardware crypto Wàllet that let users store crypto tokens offline. It is the safest way to manage and trade cryptocurrencies. The information stored online can be copied or stolen but on Tr𝚎zor your data is completely safe. Tr𝚎zor hardware Wàllet supports more than 1000 crypto tokens and it also comes with a simple user interface. So, if you are also looking for a safe place for your coins then you can go with Tr𝚎zor. To start using Tr𝚎zor, you need to purchase a Tr𝚎zor device and then set up the Tr𝚎zor suite on your desktop. Read on to set up your new Tr𝚎zor software Wàllet account.

Like other non-custodial crypto Wàllets, Tr𝚎zor also let users set up their Wàllets by keeping their identities anonymous. It generates a 12-24 words secret recovery phrase that helps you to keep the account safe and secure. Now, let’s get to the next section of this post to learn the way to set up a Tr𝚎zor account.

Way to download Tr𝚎zor Suite

Tr𝚎zor suite is the software that let you deposit the tokens from the blockchain or a crypto Wàllet. If you are not sure about the way to download Tr𝚎zor Suite on your Windows or Mac then you need to approach the steps that are given below:

  1. On your PC, open a browser and then go to the Tr𝚎 page
  2. From here, give the information about the OS version of your device
  3. Now, you need to click on the setup file to begin the downloading process
  4. Wait for a while, the Tr𝚎zor suite will be downloaded to your device

How to set up a Tr𝚎zor Wàllet?

Users who have installed the Tr𝚎zor suite on their Windows or Mac need can easily move to the Wàllet setup process. The quick steps to create your Tr𝚎zor account are as follows:

  1. Launch Tr𝚎zor Suite on your Windows or Mac
  2. Now, connect the Tr𝚎zor hardware Wallet device to the computer
  3. After that, detect the Wàllet on the homepage and choose the ‘Create Wàllet’ option
  4. Now, you need to select a password for your Tr𝚎zor Wàllet
  5. When asked, repeat the password and then find the seed phrase details from the next page
  6. If asked, note down the seed phrase and then confirm it on this page to finish the process

Steps for Tr𝚎zor Wàllet log in

Once you get seed phrase details for your Wàllet, you will be able to access the account with the help of the password details. The quick steps that are elaborated below will let you access the Tr𝚎zor Wàllet login account:

  1. Launch Tr𝚎zor Suite on your device
  2. When asked, enter the password
  3. Now, if the password is correct, click the ‘Unlock’ button
  4. Finally, you have accessed your Tr𝚎zor account

FAQ – 

Which Tr𝚎zor Wàllet should I buy?

Tr𝚎zor offers two types of hardware Wàllet devices such as Tr𝚎zor One and Tr𝚎zor Model T. These two devices come under two plans Tr𝚎zor such as Gold Standard and Gold Platinum. Tr𝚎zor One lets you access only 1000 cryptocurrencies. On the other way, you can access all your Tr𝚎zor coins with Tr𝚎zor Model T.

How to set up a Tr𝚎zor Wàllet for the first time?

In case you are looking to use Tr𝚎zor for the first time then you need to find and install Tr𝚎zor Suite on your Windows or Mac. Once you install Tr𝚎zor software on your device, you should follow the path to create a seed phrase for your Wàllet.

Is it safe to buy a used Tr𝚎zor Wàllet?

Yes, why not? A used Tr𝚎zor Wàllet can be used safely as it never exposes private keys that were generated on the device. A Tr𝚎zor Wàllet communicates with a PC and it follows a secure process to manage the crypto fund.

How to buy cryptocurrency with Tr𝚎zor?

Once you finish setting up your Tr𝚎zor Wàllet account, you can easily store cryptocurrency in your account. All you need to do is, link your Tr𝚎zor Wàllet to crypto exchange and then complete the payment process to store cryptocurrency in it.


To sum up, Tr𝚎zor allows you to trade thousands of cryptocurrencies with full security. You can store your funds offline and keep them safe from fraudsters. A new Tr𝚎zor device can be used after setting up the Tr𝚎zor Wàllet account. In case you are not about how to set up a Tr𝚎zor Wàllet using your Windows or Mac, you need to approach the quick processes that are given above on this page. We are sure that you have learned the complete setup process of a Tr𝚎zor Wàllet with the help of this post.